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Inspacare introduces an innovative glove dispenser

Reduce Waste, Contamination and Cost • Improve Safety

The Facts

For every two pairs of gloves used in clinical settings, one gets wasted due to contamination or spillage.

A vast majority of medical professionals report inadvertently removing excess gloves when reaching for a single pair.

Hospital associated infections are on the rise and innovative solutions are needed to curb this trend.

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Inspacare - The facts

The Problem

Inspacare - The problem
  • Attempting to select a single glove with a subsequent clump of gloves pouring out on the floor and/or other objects.
  • A blind hand carrying the multitudes of hospital associated pathogens reaches into a half empty glove box while managing to touch 10 other gloves during removal.
  • Contaminated gloves get used anyway!
  • Gloves are stuffed back in the box and can spread contamination from hands and/or floor.

The GloveSafe solution

Inspacare - The solution

The unique patented design of the Inspacare GloveSafe reduces waste and contamination:

  • Compels the use of pincer grasp through a unique filter, allowing only one glove to be removed at a time
  • Promotes cognitive awareness to not simply grab excess gloves
  • Employs a half-cylindrical safety ledge which minimizes excess gloves falling on the floor

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Who we are

Inspacare was founded by a team of clinicians and engineers with a shared goal of solving big problems that are overlooked in healthcare.

Our passion to develop innovative solutions has allowed us to improve the standard of care while also reducing costs.


Chris Gardner, ARNP

Owner of Gardner Express Care

The Inspacare GloveSafe is definitely the best product out there for glove box containers. They prevent wasted gloves that other products do not, and look much better in my rooms than any other glove box holder I’ve used. I recommend these to anyone looking to dramatically cut down on waste.

Harish Yalamanchili, MD

Owner of Coastal Vein Care

The Inspacare GloveSafe dispensers do exactly what I had hoped they would, which is reducing our wasted and contaminated gloves. I would 100% recommend them to any hospital or clinic.

Shaun Marczak, PA-C

Cardiothoracic Surgery at Mayo Clinic

The GloveSafe dispenser has made a huge difference in how many gloves we waste at the clinic. These should be everywhere!

The GloveSafe Benefits

  • Reduces waste by up to 30%
  • Reduces waste and contamination of gloves inadvertently removed
  • Accommodates all standard glove box sizes and is suitable for any clinical, hospital or food service setting
  • Aesthetic, safe, easy to clean and easy to mount design

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